10 Things You Can Do To Improve Social Media Marketing Efforts

Perhaps your business or organization has had its social media profiles going for a few years now. Do you spend time reviewing and reflecting on what areas can be improved?

Be they for-profit or non-profit, every organization can benefit from a boost of ideas and action every so often. It's time to regroup and focus your marketing and communications strategies. eNox Media put together 10 social media strategies to get you thinking and your business moving.

Get more personal (photos, unique content).
When customers visit your Facebook and other social profiles, they are often looking for a sense what goes on in your business. Celebrating a success with co-workers? Unveiling your new waiting room furniture? Met an interesting customer today? Share it with the world. Photos are a great touch … video too. All of your posts can't be about your unique selling point, you have to entertain and be human.

Try Facebook or other advertising programs.
Let's face it, Facebook is becoming a pay-per-play network even more so than in years past. Organic reach is beginning to dwindle. In order to get your post or ad to the right audience, it may be necessary to learn the ins and outs of their advertising options, and to set aside some budget in this area.

Broadcast live video (Periscope / Meerkat).
You're over Facebook … You've even got some YouTube videos out there … Have you tried live video? It's quite easy nowadays to give someone a tour of your business, to demonstrate a product, to share some insider tips … all in a live broadcast, and using a mobile phone. Periscope and Meerkat are two platforms that many marketers are taking advantage of in order to self-promote, and it's free. No budget dollars lost, especially if you DIY.

Evaluate where to spend your best efforts (Where is your audience?)
Where is your audience...Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope, Snapchat … Something Else … It's good to diversify your efforts, but if your company is geared towards seniors (and not the high-school kind) you might pass on Snapchat The demographics are not set in stone and new social media outlets pop up daily, so stay in touch with trends, but don't get too caught up in them.

Learn to schedule some posts (Facebook, Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.)
Facebook added the ability to schedule individual posts, and that's a big help. But what if you want to schedule on Twitter, Google+ and other platforms AND in bulk? Get to know your options … Hootsuite, Buffer, Sendible, and others all have some benefits, limitations, and costs. You can't always be around to post that holiday message or to catch the late night tweeter. Schedule, schedule, schedule. The great thing is that it's just as easy to schedule over a tablet or mobile app.

Review / Complete your profiles.
The two biggest errors when creating a social media business profile are 1) Not completing your profile details (website, hours, address, mission, other social profiles, etc.) and 2) Letting your profile details get out of date. It's good to use every opportunity to market yourself. For example, on Twitter, you get 160 characters for a bio - use them. These areas of your account are often the most read/used in order to gain information about your business or organization.

Create a content calendar.
Planning ahead is the best way to not miss an opportunity AND the best way to not have a gap in your social timeline. Content calendars can be created in any way that works best for you. Sometimes we use a binder/calendar system and sometimes we go straight digital. Find the right system for yourself and you will be more apt to use it. Think holidays, sales/promotions, birthdays … and tie it into your blog calendar.

Monitor your brand (Google alerts, Hootsuite search, mobile app notifications, etc.)
It is important to know what others are saying about you … reviews, tweets, replies, blogs … and so forth. There are numerous ways to follow your hashtag, company name, and social media profiles. Definitely set up a Google Alert (LINK) or two about your brand. It's free and very informative. Pay attention to your Twitter, Facebook, and other social alerts on your phone or other platforms, and be ready to reply. Learn to use Hootsuite to follow the hashtags of your company, and to spy on competitors. Such tools help you to streamline what could be a very time consuming process. Look for bad reviews, potential sales questions, and all around opportunities to engage others.

Task yourself or others with specific aspects of your social media
Updates, monitoring, and customer service across platforms...You're busy. Your team is busy. Think about what platforms you are working with and who is charged with each. It may be something that's divided or even contracted out, but don't build profiles that you don't intend to keep up with. Train your team on which responses they should respond to, and which may need a more collective or tactful response. Customer service is more and more being done as direct tweets, private Facebook messages, or even public posts. Be ready to respond and reap the rewards of being attentive. Don't let your competitors beat you to the response.

Review your efforts and adjust accordingly (Facebook analytics and other reporting).
Facebook sends weekly emails with insights and has a section in your account where you can review page likes, post reach, engagement, and other analytics. Don't disregard the opportunity to know how you are performing. Did you have a successful post? If so, can you tell why? Was it the content, the timing, the day of the week? Similarly, a low engagement post may be due to several factors. Try new things. Try the same things, but on different days … See what works best and learn from it. You can use tools such as HootSuite and Sendible to not only schedule posts, but to run various reports regarding the monthly success of your accounts. The reporting isn't always free with those and other tools, but it might be essential to your marketing strategies to know what is working.

These ideas are by no means all-inclusive; but we hope that they inspire some plans in you. Set aside some quiet time to review the list and see what stands out. What do you want to focus on each month? As all businesses/organizations are unique, your marketing efforts will not succeed with a cookie cutter approach.