Advertising on Your Website - Is Intrusive Advertising Really Effective?

Advertising online has been talking point among businesses and entrepreneurs since the birth of online marketing. It is exceptionally important and even vital to the way many establishments conduct their businesses online. However, what is even more important than advertising in itself is the way we advertise, and how effectively we reach our target audiences.

Fairly recently, intrusive forms of advertising have become more and more popular. These types of ads take the user experience away from, or interrupt, the site content. Some of the most familiar forms are: auto-play video ads, floating-page animations, pop-ups, and the ever-popular full-page advertisement takeover.

It makes sense that frequency of these types of advertisements is increasing, because they create a somewhat captive audience for the ad. However, do they successfully generate actual interest in product or service they advertise?

Some say no. Some users have reported that they exit full-page or popup ads as soon as possible, often not even looking at the content displayed. And according to Hubspot's article titled 15 Things People Absolutely Hate About Your Website, the top two relate to intrusive advertisement methodologies.

As a method of getting rid of online advertisements many users have installed browser plugins, or other programs, to block them. Perhaps the most popular of which is Adblock, which reports that they have had over 300 million downloads. Needless to say, this phenomenon is certainly hurting advertisers from reaching their target audiences.

So what can we do to affectively advertise to our target audiences? In next week's post we will outline a couple great techniques that are useful for creating affective online advertising!