Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns: PPC Success Regardless of the Screen


Earlier this year, Google rolled out Google Adwords enhanced campaigns as an optional function for its users. Come June, enhanced campaigns -- the new Adwords standard for mobile PPC -- will be compulsory.

What is Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns?

In a bid to further streamline their Adwords service in the face of the continuing rise of mobile device usage for ecommerce, Google did away with separate desktop and mobile Adwords campaigns. Now, all you have to do is adjust your bids depending on which device you want your ads to show. Other major changes are in line with this major shift, the most significant of which include:

  • Context optimization through device-specific ads, ad scheduling and location-based bids, and ad group-level sitelink ad extensions.
  • Better mobile conversion metrics tracking including monitoring app downloads and phone calls.

Why Should I Care?

You should care because of the same reason Google does: it's a multi-screen world out there. 90% of mobile consumers move from one device to another to accomplish their online tasks. Your Adwords ads are ideal catalysts for the 23% of smartphone owners who use their devices to shop in retail websites. You can take advantage of the 34% of US tablet owners -- that's 10% higher than the 24% of PC users -- who shop online using their devices on weekends. You can tap into the still growing mobile ecommerce revenue in the US that has peaked to 10 billion US dollars last year. The bottom-line is that you need the PPC edge that Google Adwords enhanced campaigns can give you regardless of the screen or device your target audience uses.

What Should I Do?

If you aren't using Google Adwords enhanced campaigns, don't wait for the compulsory transition come June. You need to learn the ropes now and, consequentially, start increasing your PPC revenue now. When using Google Adwords enhanced campaigns, pay close attention to context data. Google will collect all the context data relevant to your campaigns: devices, locations, dates and times, et al. You can mine the data to figure out what works for your target audience. Once you know which devices, times and dates, locations, and even mobile PPC ad sitelinks work best, you can then tweak your campaigns and ad groups to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Basically, you should dig in and be an early adopter (and optimizer), as the mobile ecommerce revolution will only continue.