Is WordPress or WIX Good Enough for My Website?

How many of you have asked yourself the following questions regarding your business or organization’s website? How much do I want to spend building and maintaining this? Do I have the time or expertise to do this my own? Where do I even start? WordPress … WIX … something else? And eventually, my site is broken, now what?

Chances are business owners; you’ve all been there, from the mom-and-pop sub shop to the growing law firm. To answer the question posed in the title of this blog … “maybe.” You could also say, “it depends” – on how much you have to spend, how hands-on you want to be, and how flexible you are on both visual design and user experience.

Both WordPress and WIX rely on a content management system (CMS). That’s not a bad thing though – the eNox Media designed-sites use a CMS that we created. Content management systems are built to take some of the programming, design, and heavy lifting out of the user’s hands – so they can focus on … content.

For some, the biggest challenge is financial. In that case think WIX / WordPress. Both have a price tag starting at free to cheap to develop. Both have some free templates (WIX) or themes (WordPress). WordPress uses plugins (add-ons) to create additional functionality. Many plugins are free. This can get you started and you can re-evaluate later. Sometimes you get what you pay for … more on that later.

If you’re a good study, and want to build your own site … go WordPress. It does have a learning curve though, and every good theme or plug-in also provides benefit and functionality, but has its own process to learn. I say good, because there are bad themes and plug-ins too. There is a challenge and time needed to weeding out those and looking for those that don’t conflict with one another.

In contrast, if you have lack of time or expertise, you might consider creating your own site in WIX or hiring a developer to help you with WordPress or a completely custom website.

Is WordPress or WIX Good Enough for My Website?

We, at eNox Media see the benefits of both WIX and WordPress for the right situation, but we build those custom websites. Why? Well, we don’t have issues such as WordPress where updates to the technology, themes, or plug-ins cause unforeseen circumstances or website breaks. We know what each component of our sites do, because we build them. When a client wants a very custom look or function that a plug-in just wont provide, our designers and programmers provide that.

The costs are higher, but the benefits of a custom, responsive website are exponentially greater in providing a unique web presence for your company or organization. You also gain an entire team, ready to serve your needs and provide out-of-the-box-and-tear-it-to-shreds creative solutions.

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