Periscope vs Meerkat: Part 1


Not So Ancient History

February 27, 2015 - Meerkat quietly launches its video-streaming app. That weekend about 8,000 users downloaded and tried it out.

March 26, 2015 - Periscope is launched by Twitter to it’s own enormous user-base.

Jump ahead to today, August 6, 2015 and a search for each platform on Google News results in 52,000 results for Meerkat and 2,210,000 results for Periscope. Crazy thing is many of the articles I found for Meerkat are about furry little animals.

If there is a mention of Meerkat in the news, it’s tending to be a reference point in a Periscope article or about streaming technology in general. Periscope is starting to stand strongly on its own and is gaining ground daily.

Many articles talk about market share, potential profitability, sustainability, and the history of both technologies. In this two-part piece, we will share some observations about each, a prediction or two, and a warning to Periscope.

As the story goes, Twitter quickly started blocking search of its user-base for the Meerkat app. I’ve seen writing that the excuse was due to strain on Twitter’s servers, but I think we all know better. It was a smooth move for Twitter to buy such technology, and let’s face it - it's fairly impressive to see a technology that was once text only to live streaming video in the hands of any consumer. Well, if your phone OS is high enough.

Meerkat Musings

First, I will offer my observations on Meerkat. The Meerkat app loads fairly quickly and is intuitive on how to watch or produce live streaming video. What’s significantly noticeable is that Meerkat is darn-near impossible in locating accounts you follow on Twitter. You have to know the exact name, and there is no search for close-to names. When you type in a name, you don’t get a “search” button - you get a “follow button.” That’s harsh.

Here’s a Meerkat feature that I’m quite fond of - Scheduling. You can choose to either “Schedule” or “Stream” your broadcast. Note that the “Stream” button has the Twitter bird icon as sharing notification on Twitter is a thing. Users can subscribe to watch your scheduled broadcast, and will be notified. I like that.

So far, I’ve seen some useful guitar lessons on Meerkat and lots of randomness. I have also seen a few great uses such as lectures, interviews, and full-length musical performances.

eNox Media is watching each update and keeping up with the buzz on Meerkat. Of course, we’re also all over the Periscope craze. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we focus on what Periscope has to offer.