Unsubscribing … And It Feels So Good

Like most creative professionals, I receive email notifications from many blogs and newsletters; but of late find just enough time to delete or mark them unread. I never got back to reading that email about how much of a game changer Google+ was going to be or the one about Facebook replacing the need for standard emails. Does this sound familiar to you? Chances are no matter what your topic of interest; you’ve got a bunch of emails to process daily.

The email clutter was keeping me from more important things (business and pleasure) during very creative times, so I decided to not wait till the New Year to make a change. I figured I’d apply the clothing idea of if you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it. As some emails come daily, weekly, or monthly … I changed it to “if I have not read it in three months, it’s gone.”

Another criteria that I used when deciding what emails to unsubscribe from was to ask myself, “is this content available online?” In most cases the email notifications were for blogs that I enjoy, but already read online. I also use Twitter lists to read up-to-the-minute industry headlines. If I’m interested in a story, I read it right away or make a task for myself to read later.

Snapchat for engagementt

I kept some email subscriptions that periodically offer me discounts or that provide critical early notifications of new developments in the industry. If I don’t trust myself not to pull out my PayPal debit card to buy something that I probably don’t need, I cut those emails too.

In addition to unsubscribing you can reduce notifications. Check your settings for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and decide if you want a daily digest or just to know less… Chances are you are already getting notifications in the apps AND on your cell phone.

Will I subscribe to more blogs and newsletters? Yes, but I plan to schedule a quarterly email review to evaluate what I’m reading. Maybe I’ll try the “one in, one out” rule. If I absolutely MUST subscribe to something, there’s something else I can cut.

When you have more time to work on your business and need help with marketing and communications, contact us at eNox. Until then, ask yourself “what seemingly important daily habits are dragging you down and what can you do to change them?”