What is Single Platform?


In order to answer the title question, it requires a little explaining. The true answer can be somewhat complicated when it comes to a software program. But, regardless of what the program is, it's more about the benefits it offers -- just like any other product. The simplest way to explain SinglePlatform information is to say it's a global technology that provides businesses with local results. Any business that does not have a static product can benefit from SinglePlatform.

A Few Simple Examples
SinglePlatform, when integrated into your website, offers the business owner or manager full control of information changes on the site. If you own a restaurant, your menu can be fully displayed on the website and changed at will. Pricing, specials, new entrees or appetizers can be added, changed or deleted at will. A restauranteur, caterer, bar or pub owner lives or dies by their menu. You have to get customers inside the restaurant or pub before they see your pricing or menu selection. SinglePlatform gives you that ability. Through your website, consumers find you and all the information they need to make a decision about your business. Your front door opens to the customers through your site even before they enter the parking area.

In the age of instantly streaming and mobile technology, customers in their vehicle can have all your updated information at their fingertips to make a quick decision that yours is the establishment to patronize. SinglePlatform allows you to instantly alter your website's information based on a decision you made ten minutes ago. Having this ability to flexibly alter the information removes the need to call on your web design company or webmaster to change the information. You remove impediments that may have earlier caused delays. The power to upload photos, change pricing, add a special event is completely in your hands. You have complete control of both your physical and your virtual business.

The technology is simple, instantaneous and, if your're also present on Facebook, you have a presence on Yelp or Yellow Pages.com, all are updated and changed at the same time your website is updated -- with a simple click.

Other Reasons to Use SinglePlatform
A restaurant or pub can benefit greatly from the technology but it has even wider applications:

  • Dentistry -- Dental science is constantly improving. When new equipment or a procedure is added, a customer testimonial about their pleasant experience is given or any other changes to decor, hours or treatments change, you can change to be immediately current.
  • Attorneys -- If you have just settled a major case, added a partner or need to issue a press release, you control the website to the point where you give the news before the local press evengets there.
  • Clothing or Variety Stores -- The new Spring Line or any other products that draw customers into your store don't have to wait for the news to spread. You have the ability to make a splash on your webpage the same day -- the same hour as your displays change.

SinglePlatform also enhances your Search Engine Optimization, enabling your website to be found more easily by potential customers and clients.

Want to stand out from the crowd? Need more control over your web content? eNox Media has the ability to fully integrate this platform into your current website, giving you an edge on your competition. Here are just two examples of websites that have benefited from eNox and the technology of SinglePlatform: MacDinton's and Berns.

Control your website and control your business growth. Contact eNox Media to see how the SinglePlatform system can help.