Why Your Restaurant Needs SinglePlatform


Your patrons aren't looking for your restaurant. In most cases, they may not even know your name, so how can they find you? They're looking for your ambiance, your theme, your specialties, and most importantly, your food. In other words, your potential patrons are looking for your brand. If it fits with what they want at the moment, you have just introduced yourself to new customers. Matching their wants with what you offer is very important; finding you in an online search is the important first step. Both reasons are why the number of SinglePlatform menu restaurants are growing.

You Know Food -- Do You Know Websites?

As a restauranteur, turning kitchen chaos into a balanced flow may be your gift. The blend of perfect spices and sauces cooked at exact temperatures may also be your strength but, do you know how well your website works for you? SinglePlatform menu restaurants and their owners can concentrate on the food, the staff and their customers without being computer experts. The SinglePlatform system allows your restaurant's website to be completely -- and accurately -- up-to-date across the spectrum of search engines, Facebook, Google Places pages, YellowPages.com, Trip Advisor and other social media platforms with a few simple clicks. Website changes can be made to suit the season or event from any mobile device, such as a smartphone, or from the office desktop.

Specialty Items and Special Events

Your menu changes. From special occasions on Valentine's or Saint Patrick's Day to seafood or steak specials your customers demand, accurate and current information is essential. It is estimated that well over 70 percent of shoppers use the Internet to find information which ultimately affects their buying decisions. If couples celebrating a June anniversary don't know your restaurant has an "anniversary special for two", their anniversary meal may be taken at a competitor's table. With a well-optimized webpage and integrated software, SinglePlatform menu restaurants can react when there's a monthly, weekly or even daily special. Those couples will have no trouble finding your website, the menu items, the special events or meals. You are able to simply upload the photographs you need, change the menu items or prices as needed and rest assured that the content you have changed will be visible on your site in a matter of minutes.

Changing your online menu will take less time than changing your in-house menu.

The Single Platform system easily integrates and adapts to restaurant websites, hardware stores, dentist's office sites and any other small businesses that need to change occasionally or even daily to raise traffic to their website and sales to their local establishment. It allows business owners to be agile and flexible, keeping their own websites updated, accurate and timely.

Our company, eNox Media, is a SinglePlatform solution provider, offering seamless integration to match the look and feel of your website and brand. Visit the site of one of our many satisfied clients to experience the look and feel of how well your website can perform for you.

Don't work for your website, let it work for you, with eNox Media.