Free Downloadable Guide: Weekly Checklist for Orthodontic Marketing Coordinators

Being an Orthodontic Marketing Coordinator offers many unique challenges. One of the main challenges is that marketing probably isn’t your only position at your office. In most cases, we find that the Marketing Coordinators or Directors at our clients’ offices take on a “jack-of-all-trades” role – meaning it’s easy for some tasks to fall by […]

Free Downloadable Guide: How to Build More Google Reviews for Orthodontic Practices

“Why are Google Reviews So Important for my office anyway?” Running an efficient, growth oriented orthodontic practice isn’t for the faint of heart. As an owner/doctor, office manager, marketing director, or the “jack-of-all-trades” lean team member – you have a lot on your plate. With so much going on in the day-to-day, online reviews often […]

Free Downloadable Guide for Orthodontists: How to Build Your Virtual Brand & Online Waiting Room

The onset of COVID-19 was a milestone in telemedicine as it pushed health care professionals, including orthodontists, to incorporate virtual interactions and consultations with patients into their practice. As things begin to normalize, it’s important to not only consider the impact of virtual consultations within your practice, but the impact you have within your virtual […]

Free Downloadable Guide for Orthodontists: 10 Surprising Statistics That Will Change How You Market Your Practice

The world never stops changing! The market is bustling with new businesses, consumer behaviors are changing daily, and Google algorithms are continuously transforming the ways we reach our virtual audience. Staying up on recent orthodontic marketing trends and statistics is critical for understanding how your prospects are finding you and what you can do to […]

Free Downloadable Guide for Orthodontists: 3 Month Plan for Post-COVID Success

What will your orthodontic practice look like in the wake of COVID-19? Will virtual consultations become the key to your new marketing strategy, or a mere relic of COVID-19? These next 3 months are critical. If you aren’t taking this time to analyze your efforts and plan for the future, you’re already behind. We’ve laid […]

Free Downloadable Guide for Orthodontists: 5 Ways to Connect with Existing Patients During a Crisis

When any widespread crisis ensues, such as the recent situation of COVID-19, it’s inevitable that the economy is in some way affected. This means consumers, such as your current and future patients, must change their behaviors to suit new circumstances. In order to remain relevant and competitive, your practice must adapt to the changes in consumer […]

Google Reviews Guide References

1 – “82% of consumers read reviews for local businesses, including 93% of people aged 35-54.” -BrightLocal, Local Consumer Review Survey 2 – “A positive reputation online helps customers trust businesses, converts searchers into leads, and boosts local search rankings.” –BrightLocal, Online Reputation Management Survey 3 – “According to experts, review signals make up 15% […]