Why Custom Content on Your Orthodontic Website is Essential

Put yourself in your new patients’ shoes for a second. Imagine you’re in the market for Invisalign®, and you’re ready to choose an orthodontist. You take to Google My Business to find one close to your home; you come across the first practice listed (we’ll call them Ortho #1) and click-through to their website. Ortho […]

What Are the Useful Types Of Content for My Website?

There are many different types of marketing content one can use for their website. Picking a couple of these types can help drive new leads that then turn into sales. Before we share the different types of content that will drive traffic to your site, here are some tips to know: Don’t try all the […]

Why Images are Important for Your Website

We say this often, but it’s true—your website is your virtual waiting room. Your website is essentially the first impression your practice leaves on potential patients. The images you choose for your site are a representation of your practice. Just as important as your SEO efforts, your photo selection for your website is an important […]

7 Brilliant Ways To Advertise For Your Niche Market!

Not every business is made for everyone. What we mean by that, is that the products or services that your business offers, is going to appeal to those who need or want your products or services and obviously the 7.5 billion people in the world are not all seeking the same things. Basically, what we […]

Even Orthodontic Practices Need To Have ADA Compliant Websites

Even Orthodontic Practices Need To Have ADA Compliant Websites Unless you want a lawsuit on your hands, you must ensure that your website for your orthodontic practice is ADA compliant. What does ADA compliant mean? ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act and for your website to be compliant, it must be readable by […]

Conversion Funnels for Orthodontic Practices

You have a beautiful website for your orthodontic practice, but why isn’t it bringing you new patients? We have the answer for you and it is two words: conversion funnel. A properly implemented conversion funnel is the secret to turning strangers into lifelong patients. Get people to take action Funnels are an important component for […]

Say ‘Hello’ to a Mobile-Friendly Website

When it comes to orthodontic marketing, a website has mere seconds to make a lasting impression on the user. In fact, Forbes’ research shows that users form an opinion on a website within 50 milliseconds of viewing. The Facts In 2018 the Pew Research Center for Internet and Technology found that 77% of Americans own smartphones with website […]

Here are 5 reasons you need a new orthodontic website!

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Analytics: Would you start treatment without seeing your x-rays?

It is no secret that having a website is a vital component to your orthodontic business and online brand. But your website is pointless if it isn’t being viewed by the right audience or worse, not being viewed at all. That is why it is so important that you are not only driving traffic to […]

5 Best Practices for Your Responsive Website

With the increase use of tablet and mobile devices Responsive Design has become a necessity for your web presence. Needing to present your content on a vast array of different devices can feel like an intimidating task, but there are fairly simple steps to take to ensure it is possible. Whether you’re planning a full […]