Responsive Website Design

Trusted for its experience and expertise since 1972, RMC Property Group represents a proven approach to increasing property value and income—in the leasing, acquisition, management, and development of investment properties, and in investment sales throughout Florida.

The eNox Media team was excited to take on the challenge of creating a responsive web presence that would meet all of the diverse needs of this equally diverse company. We created a dynamic map and property search system to help users find exactly what they are looking for in the RMC data-structure. The result was a website that not only successfully meets the needs of the client, but one that also helps create a helpful atmosphere conducive to RMC's conversion goals.

Throughout the process we worked with RMC to come up with custom solutions for their unique needs, and the end product is a site that is both robust and one that holds a defining visual impact within their already established branding.

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