Automation & Lead Nurturing Solutions

The time between a lead requesting an appointment to becoming a new patient is precious. 

We have the solutions to augment your team’s follow-up process and improve conversions by delivering highly-relevant messaging to your prospective patient at their most impressionable moments.

Your practice should support your new patients along their journey—from online form submission to in-office exam chair.

With our automation and lead nurturing strategies, your practice can improve start rates and decrease your cost-per-start by providing your leads with compelling content, optimized for the exact touchpoint where your prospective patient is located in their funnel.


We use LeadSigma software to help our orthodontic partners automate as much of the lead follow-up process as possible, while still facilitating personal outreach with personalized messaging.


When a potential patient reaches out to your practice, the easy-to-use LeadSigma dashboard guides your team members through touchpoints, sends texts, emails, and calls your office automatically, then assigns personal follow-up tasks to individual team members to ensure that zero patient inquiries are missed.


This way, leads are being followed-up with immediately, as if they’re right there in your office scheduling their initial exam – which ultimately guarantees more conversions.

However, automation isn’t a ‘set it and forget it’ situation.

You can implement LeadSigma, but what makes it effective is working with someone (like us) who customizes the messaging and keeps your team accountable. We’ve found that acting as an extension of your team and providing those necessary checks and balances is how we maximize your return on investment! 


If you’re interested in modernizing your lead follow-up process and ensuring that every lead is followed up with automatically and immediately, we encourage you to reach out to us!

Every Interaction Counts

From the email your new patient receives when they fill out an appointment request form, to the moment a team member reaches out to the prospect, and all of the time in between; every interaction (personal and automatic) during the lead nurturing process is a critical piece of the patient experience. 


Through efficient automation, we can deliver timely content based on customer interactions and preferences to make your interactions more meaningful.

Automated, Yet Personalized

“Automated” doesn’t mean “artificial.” We take care to ensure that automated interactions are conveyed properly to engage leads and make them feel supported every step of the way.


Your automations should be purposeful and personalized to resonate with your leads at the exact point in their customer journey.

Tired of your leads going cold?

Keep your leads warm, informed, and interested. Don’t let a prospective patient leave your sales funnel before you’ve closed the deal. Every interaction is critical. Drop us a line today for a complimentary, actionable review of your current lead nurturing processes and find out what we can do to strengthen them.