logo design

A logo has a very specific job of visually setting you apart from the competition and standing out as a memorable visual; it’s an important piece of your branding.


One of the most prominent representations of your orthodontic practice, restaurant, or non-profit organization is your logo. The design is featured on all of your marketing materials—business cards, digital advertisements, brochures, t-shirts and promo items—so it needs to be one that makes you proud.


In a world filled with millions of logos, your customers or patients are exposed to countless brands, each vying for their attention. It’s important to have a strong, cohesive brand, and the logo is the spear head of that client communication.

We design logos that represent your brand, while leaving a memorable visual that your
patients, customers or supporters will


By talking to you and getting to know you, by understanding you and your goals, we help you figure out where you fit within the landscape of competition.


We identify the nuances and strengths that make you different, and start to develop a logo that fits your style—like a tailor or stylist finding the perfect fit for their client.


Your business logo is one important part of your overall brand, and it’s important to get it right as part of a consistent overall representation of your company.

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Logo Design

Dark Moss

Logo Design

Mirenda & Associates

Logo Design

Cardall Orthodontics

Logo Design

Laxer Family Foundation

Logo Design

Periodontal Health Center

Logo Design

Insoft & Hurst Orthodontics

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