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Paid Advertising Services to Reach Your Audience

PPC marketing provides immediate access to your prospective patients (as opposed to organic search) and allows you to optimize your ads within seconds. While organic search is also a fundamental part of a powerful marketing strategy, it can take days, weeks or months for Google to take your organic efforts into account. 


Paid advertising ensures that you’re reaching the right people, at the right time. 

With paid search marketing, your ad spend is intentional. You’re not relying on organic search results to display your advertisement. We can create a comprehensive strategy to determine who your advertisement should reach, when it reaches them, and where it reaches them.

Target your specific audience, using custom demographics and geographical location derived from market research.

PPC advertising allows you to retarget viable leads, continue optimizing ad copy to align with your prospective patients’ searches and refine your approach based on the ad’s performance, without exceeding your budget.


It sounds like a lot, we know. Your team may not have the time necessary to dedicate to your paid ads strategy. That’s why we’re here to help you manage your Google ads, Facebook ads, and display ads.

Types of Paid Ads We Specialize In...

Reach Your Prospective Patients

We are an experienced PPC agency that has helped a number of successful orthodontists to reach a much larger audience than they were reaching solely through their organic efforts—or through an ineffective strategy. 


We utilize a mix of PPC in our advertising services to market your practice on the most rewarding media platforms. We begin with a complimentary discovery session to determine the best approach for your specific market and individual marketing goals.

We’re proud to be Google Partners.

As Google Partners, we are certified experts in Google advertising. Only about 10% of marketing agencies in the world are recognized as Google Partners!

Our Google Partners certification means:
  • Our team is recognized for maximizing campaign success for our clients.
  • Our team continues to demonstrate skill and expertise in Google Ads.
  • We have access to a wide range of benefits, including further Google Ads education and insights

  • Through the Google Partner program, we stay up-to-date on the latest Google Ads trends and features – to help our clients get the maximum return on their ad spend.

    Ready to reach the right people?

    Want to expand the reach of your website and start seeing more starts from your paid advertising strategy? Let’s get started with a complimentary discovery session.