brand strategy

Brand Strategy for Orthodontists

Your brand strategy will guide your brand identity and brand messaging. It’s essentially the blueprint that explains the origin of your brand, and answers why and how your brand was created.


To create your brand strategy, we’ll start by defining your practice’s needs. 

Is your practice new to the market and in need of a whole new identity? Are you an established practice looking to expand to new locations, and you need an adaptable brand to fulfill your goals? Based on your individual needs, we’ll help you create a comprehensive brand worth talking about.


Once we define your business goals, we’ll assess your market(s). Who is your target audience? Does your practice cater more toward families looking for child orthodontics, or are you in an area saturated with adults looking for modern treatments? 


Where are your practices located, and what are the unique nuances that make up your targeted communities? Identifying your audience’s qualities and needs is essential for developing an effective brand strategy, because after all, the focus of your brand is to connect with your audience.

All pieces of your branding will align with your brand strategy to create a cohesive, unified brand identity. Your branding strategy can help to guide decisions for future marketing campaigns and materials, and positions your brand appropriately in the market.

Your brand strategy creates the framework for your brand.

The strategy behind your brand outlines the following:

  • Your audience: who are you aiming to reach? What are their qualities and needs?
  • What are your marketing challenges?
  • Which channels will you use to reach your audience?
  • What types of content will you need to reach your audience?
  • Develop Your Brand Strategy

    Let’s develop your brand strategy. We’ll start by discussing your needs, pinpointing your audience and researching your competitors – then we’ll create your brand from the ground up.


    A strong strategy will help set your brand up for success and set you apart from the orthodontists down the street, in the neighboring city, and across the country.

    Let’s create a brand strategy that sets you apart.

    Get started with a complimentary discovery session to discuss your needs.