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Analytics: Would you start treatment without seeing your x-rays?

It is no secret that having a website is a vital component to your orthodontic business and online brand. But your website is pointless if it isn’t being viewed by the right audience or worse, not being viewed at all.
That is why it is so important that you are not only driving traffic to your website, but that you are driving the right traffic to your website. By thoroughly analyzing your current online presence, you can learn valuable analytics about your business.

How to see who is looking at your website:

The way to find out who is landing on your website is by setting up a robust analytics system and knowing how to properly and regularly monitor it. All of the marketing that you do, including word of mouth and referrals, can drive people to your website. After analyzing your website data, you can learn which marketing methods are working best for your practice, based on the people who are arriving on your website.

How to get to know your audience:

Website analytics provide much more than just how many people are visiting your website. With analytics, you can see gender, age, location, and how your visitors are behaving on your website.
For example, you can see how much time they are spending on your website, which pages they are looking at the most, how many visitors are new, how many are returning and how many become new patients.
Once you learn who is visiting your website, you can then begin to learn more about your visitors and how to enhance their user experience by monitoring these behaviors.

How to convert website visitors into customers:

When you monitor your analytics over time, you will begin to see patterns and see which content converts the most visitors into new patients. As you learn what works and what does not, you can make adjustments by creating more of what works and getting rid of what doesn’t.
Having the right CTA (Call to Action) buttons and funnels in place, are key to your success. Analytics goes hand in hand with testing out these strategies.

Why are analytics important?

You may be wondering why it is important to know all of this information, since it is a lot of data to consume. Think of your website’s analytics as the x-rays that you review before determining the right treatment process of caring for a patient’s teeth. In order to know which treatments need to be implemented to perfect your patient’s smile, you must first assess the current situation to see what is needed for the final result.
The same thing goes for your online marketing strategy. In order to know which adjustments need to be made in terms of how you are driving traffic to your website, the current data must be consistently reviewed to make the right adjustments to achieve your business’ goals.
This is just scratching the service of the insight that analytics can provide. At eNox Media, we always perform an online presence evaluation before we implement any marketing plan. This way, we can pinpoint any and all opportunities for improvement and develop an effective marketing strategy around it.
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Analytics: Would you start treatment without seeing your x-rays?