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Free Downloadable Guide: Weekly Checklist for Orthodontic Marketing Coordinators

Being an Orthodontic Marketing Coordinator offers many unique challenges.

One of the main challenges is that marketing probably isn’t your only position at your office. In most cases, we find that the Marketing Coordinators or Directors at our clients’ offices take on a “jack-of-all-trades” role – meaning it’s easy for some tasks to fall by the wayside.
Or maybe you’re the owner/orthodontist yourself, and you’re taking on the Marketing responsibilities—(this is more common than you might think!)
Another challenge for many team members is that you may have come into this role without Marketing-specific experience, or an understanding of what your responsibilities truly are. That’s why we’re here to help!
There are a few things that you or your Marketing team member should be checking on to secure your new patient pipeline and keep your brand in the spotlight.

In this guide, we’ll discuss 10 things you need to check each week and provide valuable resources to get the job done!

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