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Say ‘Hello’ to a Mobile-Friendly Website

When it comes to orthodontic marketing, a website has mere seconds to make a lasting impression on the user. In fact, Forbes’ research shows that users form an opinion on a website within 50 milliseconds of viewing.

The Facts

In 2018 the Pew Research Center for Internet and Technology found that 77% of Americans own smartphones with website accessibility, compared to only 35% of Americans owning smartphones in 2011. Applying this data to your orthodontic practice, the majority of your potential clients will use their phone to research treatment and payment options and request appointments. Your online presence needs to be mobile-friendly to capitalize on the acquisition of new patients.
According to Geo Marketing, the average American adult spends 3 hours and 15 minutes per day on their smartphone. This means over 20% of the average American adult’s day is spent interacting with different websites via smartphone, presenting a significant opportunity to market your orthodontic practice and increase patient base.

Targeting the Right Audience

Mobile-friendly orthodontic marketing can make all the difference in the success and prosperity of your practice. Research your users’ habits to see how they interact with your site and use these analytics to target your intended audience. Reaching users who are receptive to your website means more time spent on your site and an increased chance of them requesting appointments.

Design and Optimization

A mobile-optimized website with eye-catching designs, colors and content will ensure a major advantage over competitors. SEO optimization will also prove in your favor as different search engines, such as Google, utilize strategic algorithms to promote your website to users. Mobile-friendly websites will continue to triumph in search engine results over websites that do not consider the mobile user by incorporating mobile-optimization strategies.

What can you do to increase mobile friendliness on your site?

  1. Design: Create visually-appealing, modernized designs utilizing tactful patterns to grab and retain the user’s attention.
  2. Content Format: For the user to digest information quickly, use short headlines, clear visuals and immediate information on your site. If the user feels overwhelmed by the format and amount of copy, they’ll likely move on to the next orthodontic website.
  3. Accessibility: Increasing accessibility on your site prevents obstacles from interfering with the onboard of new patients. Adding convenient, sticky navigations that allow patients to request appointments as they scroll through your site will increase your chances of gaining a new patient and keeping your existing patients happy.
Considering the needs of your mobile users is key to promoting your practice’s presence and increasing your patient and referral base.
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Say ‘Hello’ to a Mobile-Friendly Website