EmBraces Campaign: Fishbein Orthodontics

It’s important to us that we help our orthodontists find ways to give back to their communities! We’re excited to announce the results we’ve achieved with Fishbein Orthodontics and the EmBraces anti-bullying campaign. Here’s how it went:

The idea behind the initiative

In the Fall of 2018, Dr. Ben Fishbein (Owner of Fishbein Orthodontics) called eNox Media and asked us to help him brainstorm ways to give back to the community. We were super excited to help bring his vision to life! 


Dr. Fishbein’s goals of serving our community align with our own goals, and they’re also particularly rewarding for his practice – in terms of connecting with the community and building a strong orthodontic brand.


Practices that dedicate resources to bettering the community and becoming a true participant in their community tend to build some of the most recognizable, successful brands in the industry. Getting involved with your community is an opportunity to understand your market’s needs, connect with families in your area, showcase your practice’s core values and strengthen your brand identity.

With all of this in mind, we knew that a community-focused initiative was the right solution for Fishbein Orthodontics.

We then considered a few factors before deciding on the EmBraces campaign:

  • Which issues matter to Dr. Fishbein and his practice?
  • What are the needs of the Pensacola/Northwest Florida communities?
  • Which community issues are most in need of solutions? 
  • Will this initiative be easily-accessible for the community?
  • Is this initiative sustainable, long-term?
  • Is this initiative practical, considering both internal processes with the practice and external processes with the community?
  • How will we get the word out about the initiative?
  • How do we measure success?
  • As you can imagine, we had a lengthy brainstorming session!

    When asked what was important to him and what types of community issues have been most apparent to him in his profession, Dr. Fishbein said bullying prevention in schools. We put our heads together and come up with an anti-bullying initiative that offers free orthodontic treatment for kids who were being bullied due to their smiles. 


    Dr. Fishbein loved the idea – and the EmBraces campaign was born.

    How it started

    We started by developing the concept, name, logo and collateral for the EmBraces campaign. We also created a landing page on Fishbein Orthodontics’ website, as well as a blog post shared to social media to raise awareness.

    How it went

    In the first year, 26 students applied, and 6 students began free treatment. 


    In 2021, through partnership with local radio station Cat Country, the initiative evolved from requiring essays from applicants to simply asking for nominations of applications. 


    Check it out on Cat Country 98.7 →

    How it’s going

    Now, the EmBraces campaign is in its 6th year. Fishbein Orthodontics receives nearly a hundred applicants per year, and awards one applicant with free treatment every month! That’s 12 full orthodontic treatments at no cost per year – and about 70 winners to date.


    We created announcement graphics for the campaign, and distributed press releases. 


    Around the same time, Dr. Fishbein decided to expand the initiative to encompass a goal of awarding $1,000,000 in free smiles over the next 5 years (2018-2023). They reached their million-dollar goal in 3 years, and have continued to give since!


    We created the logo for their $1,000,000 initiative and launched the Fishbein Foundation website as a platform to showcase their new philanthropic activities outside of the EmBraces campaign. 


    View Fishbein Foundation site > 


    We’re honored to have been partnering with Dr. Fishbein and Fishbein Orthodontics for more than 8 years. Since that time, the practice has grown to more than 8 locations across Northeast Florida, and we’ve worked together to create 5 different websites for Dr. Fishbein

    Interested in bringing your dream to life?

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