GO Orthodontics is a 5 location, multi-doctor practice with offices throughout Mississippi and Southern Tennessee. They came to us looking for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and custom website to fuel their growth in untapped markets.


This project presented a few notable challenges due to the breadth of the practice’s geographic footprint. We needed to ensure their copy was optimized for multiple states and markets, as well as consider the target audiences that differed substantially from office to office.


We knew that in order to maximize the practice’s digital marketing ROI we would need to work closely with their team and implement a lead follow-up system. After attempting to manage the follow-up through traditional spreadsheets without success, we pivoted our strategy to incorporate LeadSigma, a powerful new patient management software. Our client success team worked hand in hand with GO’s team to conduct training sessions, create accountability checkpoints, and involve leadership to encourage adoption.



  • Website Redesign
  • Campaigns Management 
  • Lead Management System
  • Ongoing SEO
  • Marketing support

Summary of Results

  • – Launched a unique, mobile-first website that accurately represented the  GO brand
  • – Began powerful ongoing SEO strategies to improve the practice’s online visibility
  • – Implemented a lead follow-up system to drastically increase digital marketing ROI
  • – Garnered 11 starts from abandoned leads via a Reengagement campaign
  • – Saw a 254% ROI on digital marketing spend in Q1

A Unique Strategy for a Unique Practice

The doctors at GO Orthodontics were concerned that their current website wasn’t adequately ranking on Google for all of their locations nor was it accurately representing their brand and patient population. They wanted their website to drive new patient leads, and also act as a resource hub for current patients with easy-to-find information such as patient forms, portal links and login processes, and emergency numbers.

They had tried some digital marketing in the past but felt like their previous company hadn’t taken the time to truly understand the complexities of each office location’s market, and thus had not seen positive results.


As a final layer of complexity, due to the Mississippi State Dental Board’s strict regulations, we had to take extra care to ensure all content on their website was closely reviewed and approved for phrasing compliance.


Ultimately, we were able to bring the client’s vision to life through our comprehensive design and discovery process. The site features custom, SEO-charged and brand-oriented content (meticulously reviewed for Dental Board compliance), hand selected stock photography inclusive of their patient population, and special attention to the user journey of new and current patients alike.


Each office’s campaign strategy was uniquely tailored for that audience and saw almost immediate results. Since the project’s launch in 2022, we have continued to dial in our campaign strategy for each office to continuously improve results while partnering with the practice to implement effective lead nurturing strategies.

Implementing Lead Management System LeadSigma

Once the website project was underway, we began Google, Facebook, and Instagram advertising. The campaigns began to quickly produce results, but we saw the team was having difficulty keeping up with the influx of leads. With any lead generation advertising, “Speed-to-Lead” is essential to ensuring that the practice is getting maximum ROI from their campaign spend. Every minute that a new patient lead is left without contact after they have requested an appointment reduces the likelihood of becoming a patient. Harvard Business Review Data shows us that waiting just one hour to contact a lead actually decreases the likelihood your team will get in touch with them by 10x.


After bringing the issue to light and meeting with GO leadership, we realized we needed to step in, create an accountability plan for the team, and implement a new system. We chose LeadSigma for its easy-to-use interface and powerful automation tools, which would allow us to take as much busywork off of the team as possible and easily see the status of our campaigns and adjust as necessary.



Once we moved the team to LeadSigma, we saw an immediate improvement in response rate just from the automated follow-up text messages and emails being sent to leads. We imported leads from the prior 3 months of campaigns and pushed specific outbound messaging asking if they were still interested. Right away we saw the leads begin actively engaging with the ask to finalize their appointments. The Reengagement Campaign to leads that would have otherwise been lost garnered the practice 11 new patient starts.

lead sigma dashboard

Automating the follow-up spurred some quick wins, but we still saw the potential for bigger, better ROI. We knew we needed to coach the GO team on how to handle the high volume of inbound texts and outbound call tasks generated by the campaigns in order to get the most out of the practice’s marketing dollars. The team was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to prioritize the follow-ups, which led to still many opportunities being left on the table. Over the subsequent weeks, our client success team worked with GO to oversee their follow-up tasks, coach them on how to integrate the system into their daily workflow, and act as an accountability partner to ensure no lead was left unnurtured. This amplified the ROI of our campaign efforts and with consistent oversight, the GO team began to improve.


After 5 months of working with our client success team, we have now seen a steady increase in the online lead scheduling rate and ROI from digital leads. Before LeadSigma, new patient leads were only sporadically followed up with no insight into the final scheduling rate. Once LeadSigma was implemented we saw a 14% scheduling rate which, under the watchful eye of our client success team, has now increased to 25% and continues to climb. In Q1 the practice saw 254% ROI in new patient starts from online leads.

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