Spillers Orthodontics

We were first approached by Drs. Spillers & Gordon of Spillers Orthodontics in 2018. An already established practice, they had found success and growth largely driven by their stellar reputation for high quality services and their ability to offer clear aligners for all patients (thanks to their extensive experience). Word-of-mouth recommendations and dentist referrals made up the largest part of their new patient acquisition strategy, but they knew that they were still missing some potential audiences due to the current state of their website and online presence.


We began with the basics: a strong SEO strategy to maintain and increase their rankings and updates to their current website to improve mobile user experience and the patient acquisition funnel. With just these efforts, we saw a year over year increase in new users of 164%. (2019 vs. 2018)


We continued to work to improve their rankings and drive new users to the website, and optimize their current website to improve user experience until the time was right to overhaul the site entirely. Optimizations on their current mobile and desktop experience led to an 27% increase in session duration, a 55% decrease of bounce rate, and year over year the practice saw a 39% increase in online appointment requests despite closures amid the COVID-19 pandemic.(2020 vs. 2019)

In 2021, we were excited to finally release their new and improved, custom website. 

Key elements of their new design included:
  • Improved content funnels to drive new patient acquisition
  • Dynamic content based on time of day, user behavior, persona, length of engagement and other key conversion factors
  • Advanced automation processes to aid in long term lead nurturing strategies
  • Mobile-first design to ensure a seamless omnichannel experience
  • An emphasis on providing resources to current patients
  • Thoughtful integration of technologies such as virtual consultation and chat
  • Within the first year of launch, the practice has seen an increase of 66% in pages per session, a 70% decrease in bounce rate, and a 36% increase in online appointment requests. (2021 vs. 2020)

  • 66% increase in pages per session with launch of custom website
  • 70% decrease in bounce rate with launch of custom website
  • Average 37% increase in online leads each year since partnership began
  • 46% increase in percentage of keywords ranking on all platforms
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