Goldsboro Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics came to use wanting a refreshed logo and cohesive branding package to bring together their, at the time, disjointed corporate identity. The Goldsboro Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics logo was developed as a modern rendition of the practice’s original logo. It uses playful fonts paired with a clean and simple graphic element representing the practice’s acronym which it most often goes by: GPDO. Through the use of updated, consistent colors and linework the logo encapsulates the overall personality of GPDO as a business, which was aimed to resonate within their established community and generate new interest.

The client also desired a stand alone "mascot." We created the mascot asa  representation of the Goldsboro “G” and a smiley face with braces. The icon can be used alone or can be incorporated into graphic treatments such as the word “Go.”

Finally, we tied the project together with a complete stationery package with brand guide to help the practice maintain the newly developed brand standards. 

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