Rebrand, Responsive Website Design, Rebrand Campaign

We began working with the team at Nease & Higginbotham Orthodontics in October of 2019. They were about to begin a merger with another local practice, expanding their reach to 5 locations across Upstate South Carolina. 

They knew that merging two practices that had existed as stand-alone brands for more than 30 years would require planning, tactful messaging, and careful execution so that neither brand would suffer. They also knew that as they grew and added new doctors to the practice, they would eventually need a revamped brand that was more inclusive to multiple providers. 

The process of merging and rebranding spanned nearly 24 months, with multiple rounds of internal and external communications, campaigns, and agile adaptations as the COVID-19 pandemic hit right in the middle of the process. 

Key components of this project included: 
  • - Merger messaging and campaigns for internal and external audiences 
  • - An interim website blending the two merged practices
  • - Adaptive SEO strategies to ensure minimal loss in traction while merging listings, citations, and ongoing content strategies
  • - Creative consultation to develop the practice’s new name and values statements 
  • - Comprehensive rebrand including logo, stationery, print and digital advertisements, patient communications, and template
  • - Close collaboration with team to ensure campaign execution in-office and online 
  • - Full, custom website redesign 

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