Non-Profit Marketing

Our marketing strategies help make a difference in your non-profit organization—so you can make a difference in the community.

Your non-profit website should offer an enlightening experience that serves to express your brand, market your events, and raise awareness for your cause. We pinpoint trends and tactics proven to engage people in and around your community so you can tell your story to the right ears.

Your non-profit website should reflect your organization’s passion through a responsive, modern design that encourages visitors to interact with your story and advocate your cause.

Our customizable digital marketing strategies for non-profit organizations can include tactful SEO (organic and local), strategic paid advertising, meaningful branding for your organization or event, and intuitive website design to bring your vision to life. 


Behind every successful non-profit organization is a compelling brand that leaves an impression.

The Process

We analyze how your presence is received by the world.

  • Are your organization’s core values expressed throughout your brand?
  • Is your brand a cohesive, recognizable identity
  • Does your organization have a focused mission?
  • Are you reaching the right audience?
  • We measure your current marketing impact.

  • Is your website getting the traffic it needs?
  • Is your site ranking for critical keywords?
  • Is your site content optimized for local search?
  • We create a customized marketing strategy.

  • Whatever your needs may be, we create a custom marketing strategy to fill in the blanks and enhance your online presence.
  • Need a new website for your organization or event?
  • Need a new brand or a rebrand?
  • Need a logo that speaks to your community?
  • We continue to measure our results to determine what’s working and where we need to pivot. As your needs change, so will our marketing strategy.

    Your non-profit organization deserves an online presence that illuminates your cause and inspires change in your community. We’ll help you do it. Request a complimentary discovery session today to get started.