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Web Design

Fellow Orthodontist

Dr. Lin initially crafted a visually stunning SquareSpace website that reflected his unique style and elevated practice brand. However, the need for enhanced SEO, optimal user experience, and a strategic conversion funnel became apparent.

Enter our dynamic collaboration with Dr. Lin, where our expert team seamlessly blended creativity and functionality. The result? A brand new website that not only captivates with its aesthetic charm but also strategically elevates Dr. Lin’s online presence.

Key points of his project:

Strategic Overhaul for SEO Excellence:

Dr. Lin’s practice, Fellow Orthodontist, is located in the heart of Manhattan, NYC, a highly saturated market requiring hyperlocal targeting. We knew his website would need a substantial amount of keyword rich content to improve online visibility, but wanted to also keep the illusion of sleek and minimal information architecture. Our team was able to accomplish both by using highly specific location and services pages with nested internal links to keep the navigation clean.

Aesthetic Brilliance with User-Centric Design:

Beauty meets functionality! Our creative team collaborated with Dr. Lin to craft a visually appealing website that aligns seamlessly with the practice’s brand identity. We were excited to find out that Dr. Lin is not just a skilled orthodontist, but also a talented portrait photographer. His patient portraits are a key visual feature of the website which lends to the design’s overall sophistication.

User-centric and mobile-first design principles were employed to enhance the overall browsing experience and ensure optimal viewing experience across devices. From desktops to tablets and smartphones, the website adapts effortlessly to deliver a consistent brand message.

Conversion-Focused Funneling:

Say goodbye to missed opportunities! We strategically implemented conversion funnels tailored to Dr. Lin’s objectives, guiding visitors through a seamless journey from exploration to action. This yielded increased user engagement, heightened conversions, and a website that truly aligns with Dr. Lin’s goals.

Our partnership with Dr. Lin exemplifies the power of collaboration. From ideation to execution, every step was focused on blending creativity and technical expertise. We created a digital presence that seamlessly integrates with Dr. Lin’s vision, transforming his website into a powerful asset for his practice.

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mock up of fellow orthodontist website screens showcasing the orthodontic website portfolio of marketing agency enox media