Restaurant Marketing

Backtrack two decades and you’ll find the very origin of eNox Media. Our founder’s personal marketing journey began with dining and hospitality.

Fast-forward to the present, and you see the deeply ingrained roots of hospitality in our organization and our culture. For almost 20 years, eNox Media has partnered with world-renowned dining brands to elevate their online presence and maximize the impact of their digital marketing efforts.

It can take a customer only a few minutes, or even seconds, to decide if they want to eat at your restaurant—and the quality of your online presence plays a major role in that decision.

Marketing Strategies

The Process

We integrate our understanding of new-patron acquisition and existing-patron loyalty with proven restaurant marketing strategies. We analyze data that speaks to measurements specific to your industry, and we create custom solutions that connect with the key metrics most important to your business.

As your consumers’ palettes evolve, so does our marketing strategy.


We select our hospitality clients based on the principles of deliciousness, authenticity and sustainability.

  • Each of our hospitality clients produces delicious food and beverages—and we were more than happy to put their tastes to the test.
  • We choose clients that are authentic in their brands; each has a natural, competitive edge that stands out in the market. 
  • We like restaurants that value sustainability, authenticity and eco-friendliness in their menu.
  • You have mere seconds to make an impression on potential customers. We’re real-life foodies dedicated to great bites and beverages, blended with expert restaurant marketing strategies to bolster your restaurant’s success.

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