Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO Services for Higher Website Rankings

Your technical SEO efforts have a critical impact on your website ranking and key performance indicators (site speed and crawlability). The higher your website ranks, the more patients you attract. 

Did you know that 53% of users will abandon your site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds? (Google)

For every user who abandons your site, your bounce rate increases, which decreases your website ranking, and ultimately, your chances of securing new patients. We provide technical SEO services that enable you to offer the best user experience possible.

Types of Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO includes all of the backend optimizations made to your website that trigger Google’s algorithms to index your website and boost your ranking. Types of technical SEO include:
  • Sitemaps
  • On-page tags and coding
  • Crawling and indexing
  • Checking for duplicate content
  • Website speed and overall performance
  • Mobile-first optimization
  • Site security
  • What Technical SEO Entails

    We offer a range of custom services based on your specific needs. If we’re creating a new website for you, whether it’s a custom site or template, you can rest assured that your website will be properly optimized in all technical SEO aspects to encourage high performance.


    If you already have a website, our SEO specialists will perform a deep dive audit of your site to assess current technical SEO performance. From here, we develop actionable insights aimed to eliminate site issues.


    We create a plan to improve your site’s crawlability, indexing and technical performance, and ultimately, improve site visibility to bring you more patients.

    Leverage technical SEO to attract new patients.

    We’ll help you do it. We’ve got the secret sauce to get your current website ranking, or build a new site that places you at the top of your prospective patients’ search results. Find out how you can boost your technical SEO efforts by requesting your complimentary analysis from us.