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Conversion Funnels for Orthodontic Practices

You have a beautiful website for your orthodontic practice, but why isn’t it bringing you new patients? We have the answer for you and it is two words: conversion funnel. A properly implemented conversion funnel is the secret to turning strangers into lifelong patients.

Get people to take action

Funnels are an important component for converting website visitors into patients and they are also ideal for upselling existing patients. Since the purpose of a funnel is essentially leading users to take a specific action, you can use them to get users to do whatever it is that you want them to do.
In fact, it is very common for an effective marketing strategy to have several different types of funnels running simultaneously. For example, you can have a funnel to gain new patients and another to encourage existing patients to purchase a new procedure such as Invisalign.
Funnels are made up of several CTA’s or call-to-actions, which represent the different actions you want the users to take during each step of the buyer’s journey. In order for users to respond to your CTA, it needs to be optimized, which may require testing different locations, text and colors. In addition to the cosmetic aspects of your CTA, it also needs to be relevant to the stage in which the user is at in the sales funnel and the content surrounding it must be compelling enough for the user to take the action.

Save time and money

Time is money – and we know that you and your team spend time attending to your patients both new and existing, to provide them with the best experience and perfect smiles.
One of the great things about conversion funnels is that they can automate the lead process for you. The leg work up front to set up the funnels can take some time since it does require a bit of research and a solid strategy. But once it is up and running, your marketing funnels will work in the background to generate leads so that you can focus on nurturing those leads as they come in.
At eNox Media, we specialize in creating websites for orthodontists, and part of our process is optimizing those websites with CTA’s and funnels that convert.
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Conversion Funnels for Orthodontic Practices