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Top 3 Tips to Gain New Patients & Boost ROI for Good

What can your practice do to attract new patients, boost ROI, and start meeting your business goals?

We have the top 3 tips to ensure that your exam chairs are filled and your brand is at the forefront of your prospective patients’ minds. (And spoiler alert: we can do all of these things for your practice at a cost-effective price.)

Marketing your practice online is non-negotiable if you want to gain new patients in today’s competitive orthodontic market. eNox Media helps you stay one step ahead of your competition – and up-to-date on new marketing techniques and technologies as they develop.

At eNox Media, we provide proven growth strategies for all practice types. Once we define your practice’s needs and goals, we’ll develop a comprehensive strategy that fulfills them both. As your practice grows and your goals evolve, our strategy evolves too. (Complacency is not in our dictionary.)

Here are 3 critical aspects of orthodontic marketing:


3 Tips to Attract New Patients

  1. Build a strong brand.

Your brand is a representation of your practice, a memorable visual that the community associates with your practice, and it makes you distinguishable from your competitors.

Branding is an opportunity to connect with your community, communicate your practice’s values, and tell your prospective patients what you’re all about. A strong brand requires a sound branding strategy, a memorable logo and tagline, and a cohesive identity with consistent messaging across all platforms.

The initiatives your practice takes to give back to the community are an important part of your brand too. Does your team participate in the community? Do you offer community discounts or benefits for nearby schools, sports teams or first responders? Community involvement helps to create a positive brand reputation and can boost brand awareness significantly.

An effective orthodontic brand is recognizable from your website, to your Facebook and Instagram accounts, to your printed materials (business cards and brochures), to the inside of your office(s). We’ll help you create all of your branding materials and walk you through every step of the process. 


  1. Revive your website (or build a new site) that meets your patients’ preferences. 

You simply cannot neglect your website and online presence in a world where 97% of consumers learn about local businesses online. That means about 97% of your patients are searching for you and assessing your online presence before deciding whether to start treatment with you – or your competition.

If your website isn’t properly optimized for prospective patients’ searches and your practice doesn’t pop up when someone searches for an “orthodontist near me”, you’re missing out on a lot of potential patients.  

To boost website visibility, your site requires strong on-page and off-page SEO tactics, a mobile-first, responsive website design, optimal website visibility, and up-to-date business listings. This helps new patients find your practice easily, which is key.

Once they get to your site, your prospective patients want to see high-quality photos and videos of your practice, your team and your overall patient experience. Choosing the right doctor for their child is a big deal.

Going out on a limb here, we’re going to guess that you probably don’t have enough time to build a new website on your own. Your patients are your priority, as they should be. We’re here to partner with you to help prospective patients find your practice through powerful and proven orthodontic marketing strategies. 

You can trust us to make the vision for your website come to life. Whether you’re just starting out and looking for a Level-1 cost-effective website template with a beautiful design and custom features, or you’re looking for a mid to full custom site (Level-2 and Level-3), we have a solution that you, your team and your patients will love.

Plus, we offer a photography and videography package integrated with our website packages to help strengthen your brand, website and other business listings with custom photography.

Let us handle your website, digital marketing and online presence, while you continue WOW-ing new patients.


  1. Advertise to prospective patients on their frequented channels.

Once you have a strong brand and a beautifully-designed, search-optimized website, it’s a good idea to run targeted ads to your audience. This way, you put your brand front-and-center for prospective patients to see you, connect with you, and take you up on any offers or promotions you may be running.

To reach your target audience, you’ll need the market research that tells you which platforms your target audience is using. Who is your targeted demographic? Are they scrolling through Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? 

Ads are designed to seamlessly integrate with your target audience’s social media feed or Google search results. Effective paid ads have high-quality, branded creative and design, a thorough targeting strategy, compelling content and landing pages that convert. 

We can create and manage your paid ads for you. We’ll do the research to determine which advertising platform is best for reaching your audience and to recommend specific offers or promotions (based on the promotions your competitors are offering). We help you allocate your ad spend efficiently to see the greatest return on your investment.


How do I get started?

We just threw a lot of information at you, but the good news is – we can create a cost-effective package that includes all of these essential orthodontic marketing pieces. We’ll guide you through every step of the process – from your brand development, logo design and tagline, to your website template or custom design, and everything in between.

Ensuring a strong brand identity, optimized website and effective paid ads is non-negotiable if you want to gain new patients in today’s competitive orthodontic market. eNox Media helps you stay one step ahead of your competition – and up-to-date on new marketing techniques and technologies as they develop.

While we offer à la-carte marketing solutions, our partners see the most value and success with our comprehensive packages designed for short term and long term growth. 

Let’s start growing your practice. Drop us a line today!

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