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Brand Messaging for Orthodontists

So you have a strong brand strategy, you know who your target audience is, and you have a brand identity to reflect your market. 


Next up is your brand messaging that communicates your value proposition, sets you apart from the competition, and builds a connection with your audience. We’ll work with you to create messaging that speaks to and resonates with your target audience. 


Do you know what type of brand voice is right for your audience? How do you want your audience to perceive you? 


Do you want to be seen as a leading orthodontist in your area with a formal brand, modern treatments and advanced technologies? Are you more of a friendly, neighborhood practice that knows each patient on a first name basis? Your brand messaging will reflect your practice type.

Brand messaging is how you demonstrate your brand strategy through the content on your website, in your email communications, in social media posts, on your printed materials, and in your offices. When your front desk team attends to patients, they should communicate within your brand voice too.

Is your audience focused on affordability and insurance coverage? Or are they more concerned with receiving highly personalized care? The most effective way to tie your practice to your audience is through brand messaging that addresses and reflects your audience’s needs.

How We Develop Brand Messaging

To pinpoint the right messaging for your practice, we’ll work with you to complete a branding questionnaire that tells us how you wish for your practice to be perceived and how your audience is currently perceiving you. 


We’ll pinpoint the main benefits that your prospective patients gain by choosing you as their orthodontist, and we’ll create messaging that highlights your value proposition. 


We develop messaging that connects your practice to your patients, communicates your core values, and attracts your target audience.

Tell your practice’s story through strategic messaging.

We’ll help you do it! Get started with a complimentary discovery session to discuss your needs.