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Identity Creation for Orthodontists

“Who” is your practice and what does it offer your market audience? Creating a distinctive brand identity is key for boosting recognition and keeping your exam room busy. 


Your brand identity includes your practice name, tagline, logo, brand colors and all visual pieces that your community associates with your practice. 


We create new identities for ‘start-up’ practices that are new to the market, and we rebrand existing practices to help them reach their goals. 


Wherever your practice may be, in terms of your branding, website and advertising, we’ll partner with you to supplement and fill in the blanks, or start creating your brand from scratch.


Here’s what our team of marketing specialists will consider when we put our brains together to create a brand identity:

  • What does your practice offer the community? What is unique about your offering?
  • Who is your target audience? How old is your typical patient and what areas do they come from? What are their needs?
  • What sets you apart from the orthodontist down the street?
  • From here, we’ll create materials to meet your needs. We can work with you to create any of the following:

    We’ll ensure that your brand identity aligns with your brand strategy, and your brand messaging accurately reflects your identity and strategy.


    For over two decades now, we’ve worked with some of the most successful orthodontists across the nation to create their identity, rebrand their identity and/or strengthen their identity.

    If you’re interested in creating a new practice identity or boosting your current identity, let’s talk!

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