organic seo Services

Be the first website your prospective patients see when they search for your services on Google. 

Our organic search engine optimization services aim to increase website traffic and boost your website ranking on organic search results. Organic SEO has a few moving parts, including on-page SEO and off-page SEO, and it’s a critical part of a long-term, sustainable digital marketing strategy.

Though paid advertising is highly effective for increasing patient start rates, organic SEO requires a lower financial investment, and once implemented, can benefit your website ranking for years to come. When it comes to organic SEO vs paid SEO, organic SEO produces longer lasting results.

Organic SEO can take your practice to the next level.

  • Improve your website ranking on local search.
  • Receive higher quality traffic by attracting your ideal audience.
  • Position your brand as an authority in orthodontics.
  • Attract new patients through a cost-effective, sustainable approach.
  • Improve your ROI and boost your bottom line.
  • Stand Out in a Competitive Market

    As social platforms vie for their users’ attention and new ad formats pop up left and right, the need to stay competitive has never been greater. 


    The same goes for orthodontists who have competing practices pop up down the road. Your practice has to stay modern and relevant, especially in the virtual world where most of your new patients are finding you. Capitalizing on these new, emergent advertising platforms is essential for your practice’s growth. 


    We do the out-of-the-box thinking for you. We’re constantly seeking out less traditional platforms that your prospective patients are using and integrating up-and-coming advertising methods into our strategies to put your practice at the forefront of your prospective patients’ searches.

    To establish or maintain your position as a leading practice in the area, you need successful digital marketing techniques that continue to evolve with the times.


    We’ll do the market research to find out where your new patients are looking for you, then create a custom strategy that enables you to reach them.

    What Organic SEO Entails

    Search engine optimization for Google and other popular search engines, like Bing or Yahoo, requires a tactful, expert approach, as these search engines’ algorithms take a number of factors into account when indexing and ranking a website. Organic SEO includes all of the non-paid (as opposed to a paid ads, like PPC pay-per-click) digital marketing efforts performed to trigger a search engine’s algorithms and increase the chances of your website ranking at the top of a prospective patient’s search.

    Those efforts include:
  • Performing thorough keyword research to develop a content strategy that aligns with user search 
  • Creating quality website content and regular blog content optimized for search
  • Link building, including internal links and external links
  • Creating SEO-friendly URLs 
  • Establishing a strong site structure for ideal user experience

  • We mold our approach to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a completely
    new website from scratch, a website revamp, or you’re interested in a more cost-effective template site to start seeing faster results, we’ll craft a custom strategy to get you where you need to be.

    Leverage organic SEO to attract new patients.

    We’ll help you do it. We’ve got the secret sauce to get your current website ranking, or build a new site that places you at the top of your prospective patients’ search results. Find out how you can boost your organic SEO efforts by requesting your complimentary analysis from us!