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Unsubscribing … And It Feels So Good

Like most creative professionals, I receive email notifications from many blogs and newsletters; but of late find just enough time to delete or mark them unread. I never got back to reading that email about how much of a game changer Google+ was going to be or the one about Facebook replacing the ne...

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Oh Snapchat!

We'll be the first to admit, that we're new to Snapchat. For the most-part, we're over 26 and so are our clients. But, THEIR clients include the younger generation, so we're doing our research. They need to reach their audience with the communication tools that resonate most.A recent article at INC....

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Is WordPress or WIX Good Enough for My Website?

How many of you have asked yourself the following questions regarding your business or organization’s website? How much do I want to spend building and maintaining this? Do I have the time or expertise to do this my own? Where do I even start? WordPress … WIX … something else? And eventually, ...

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Periscope VS Meerkat Part 2

Raising the PeriscopeI had to purchase an upgraded Android phone to handle Periscope, but I guess I should plan to always update sooner than later. It’s the cost of doing business, and we at eNox Media need to follow this situation more closely.Similar to Meerkat, Periscope is also a fast loading ...

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