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AI for Orthodontists: How to Create Social Media Posts & New Ideas

AI is a hot topic in the digital world right now, as engines like ChatGPT, Jasper, and Midjourney are battling to become the #1 bot in the business, and people are actually starting to see the benefits of leveraging AI tools for their own businesses.

As leading-edge digital marketers (subtle boast), we only saw fit that we dive into AI, learn all there is to know, and work toward integrating AI within our strategies to generate better results for our orthodontic partners.

We also see it as our duty to keep our orthodontic partners up-to-date on recent trends, technologies and developments that can help you increase practice efficiency, and do what you do – only better. Let’s dive in:


The fear associated with AI

Let’s address the elephant in the room. You may have a natural aversion to the words “artificial intelligence” or more commonly, “AI”. Hey, we’re right there with you! Most people have some level of fear or anxiety about the robots taking over.

Some may still think that AI entering the scene would involve an epic ‘I, Robot’ battle, but thus far, our research has found that it’s here to supplement what we’re currently doing and make our lives a lot easier by automating some of the tedious tasks in our day-to-day life.

Join us on this wild ride of using AI to make all of our lives better and staying one step ahead of the rest! This is the first part of our series, AI for Orthodontists.

Today, we’re talking about social media posts and new ideas.


How orthodontists can use AI to create social media content

If you’re the person responsible for writing social posts for your practice’s Facebook or Instagram, or you’re a practice manager who feels too overwhelmed to know where to start, you’ll want to hear this.

As you probably know, it’s important for your practice to build and maintain a strong brand by posting on your social media accounts 2 to 3 times each week – but some days, fresh ideas just aren’t easy to come by. And let’s face it, creating 12 unique orthodontic social media posts EVERY month requires a lot of time and brain power.

Remember how we said AI can make your life easier? You can use AI bots to create short form content, like social posts! AI can be your ally in the process of writing captions on social posts, coming up with ideas for commercials or patient contests, or other non-technical types of content that you may tend to put off.

How to do it

One of our favorite AI platforms right now is ChatGPT by Open AI. You can ask this chat bot to create new ideas for social posts, write a quick email, or develop an idea to organize a contest for your patients. Check it out:

Pretty cool, right? You could even break down that AI-generated post into different ideas to create two or three separate posts.

You simply talk to the AI system as if it’s an employee who you get to brashly demand things from without a “please” or “thank you”. (Although, sometimes we still feel compelled to say thank you…)

However, you can probably tell that AI-generated content shouldn’t be used word-for-word, and it does require you to review and revise the content.


There are drawbacks and limitations to using AI for content:

  • The AI tool can’t account for brand voice and proper brand messaging for your targeted audience.
  • AI systems don’t have built in SEO, which means their content won’t get your website ranking.
  • Google penalizes content that is purely AI-generated. It will automatically flag any website content that is copy/pasted from an AI system, and you’ll see this penalization when your website ranks far below all of your competitors. (It’s the harsh truth.)
  • AI tools cannot be used for strategy. The system isn’t creating anything new; it’s simply regurgitating words and ideas that are already on the internet.

AI systems should be seen as a ‘starting point’ tool that can spark ideas. While AI systems have a number of drawbacks, when leveraging them properly, they can save you time and effort on smaller tasks.


What’s next?

AI is advancing rapidly, and who knows what these systems will be able to do next year, or even next month. This was only the very tip of the iceberg! But we’re along for the ride. We’ll keep you up-to-date and informed on the best techniques for orthodontists looking to integrate AI into your practice operations.

Again, while AI is particularly helpful for helping you generate new content ideas, using AI content on your website without understanding the limitations can do more harm than good. Google is looking for allll the SEO goodness (technical, on-page and off-page), and it wants to be 100% sure that there was a human behind the keyboard.

If you’re in need of a new website, (whether it’s a fully-custom website, or cost-effective template website), branding of any degree (ground-up branding, or just a logo), and/or an effective growth-oriented, digital marketing strategy that puts your practice at the forefront of your market, we’re your people.

We are award-winning specialists in orthodontic marketing! Request a complimentary digital audit today, and stay tuned for our series of AI for Orthodontists.

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