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Lead Management Software Vs. Traditional Follow-Up: Why LeadSigma Reigns Supreme

Let’s face it: Following up with prospective patients who reach out to your practice is a time-consuming process that often involves too many steps and too much time from team members who already have a lot on their plates.

With traditional methods, the patient follow-up process can easily become a burden that nobody wants to take on. Unfortunately, this will reflect in your new patient start numbers.

We’ve seen it time and time again in our new clients – and that’s why we choose to use LeadSigma for automated patient outreach with an easy-to-use dashboard, a simplified workflow and real-time insights that ensure fewer missed opportunities.

The issues with traditional follow-up

Traditional methods of lead follow-up involve spreadsheets and manual tracking. As you probably know, there’s a lot of room for error in this process. Leads tend to fall through the cracks due to long response times from your busy team and insufficient tracking capabilities.

Spreadsheets don’t automate any part of the process, and they don’t generate front-of-mind notifications for your team. If your team members don’t stay by the phones and keep their emails open, you’ll inevitably miss opportunities to secure new patients reaching out to your practice.

The lack of consistent, timely follow-up to new patient leads causes low scheduling rates from online leads.

How LeadSigma helps you secure more patients

Advanced methods of patient follow-up, like LeadSigma software, take the guesswork out of the process by automating much of the immediate and ongoing text and email outreach, and efficiently prompting your team to make necessary follow-up phone calls.

When a potential patient reaches out to your practice, the easy-to-use LeadSigma dashboard guides your team members through touchpoints, sends texts, emails, and calls your office automatically, then assigns personal follow-up tasks to individual team members to ensure that zero patient inquiries are missed.

With LeadSigma, we can customize the automated outbound messaging that your potential patients receive. This enables us to automate as much of the lead follow-up process as possible, while still facilitating personal outreach with personalized messaging.

Automate what you can. Assign what you can’t.

LeadSigma takes the approach of automating what you can, and assigning what you can’t. When manual work is needed, LeadSigma’s dashboard provides guided workflows through a simple user interaction that requires minimal training for team members to start using right away.

So what does that mean for your conversions and the patient experience you provide? Leads are being followed-up with immediately as if they’re right there in your office scheduling their initial exam – which ultimately guarantees more conversions.

Your team members wouldn’t ignore someone if they were standing at your front desk asking to book an appointment, would they? Hopefully not! LeadSigma essentially connects your in-office experience with your online experience to ensure consistent dedication to customer service and a high-quality patient experience from the very start.

Your new patients get a better experience right away, and your team members get a more simplified process that minimizes steps and requires less effort to secure new patients – it’s a win, win.

The easy-to-use software provides invaluable visibility into whether or not leads are being handled effectively, enabling our team to coach clients on areas for improvement, and ultimately, provide better ROI to our clients for their marketing dollars.

Real results with LeadSigma

We use LeadSigma, because our goal is to help our orthodontic partners boost patient acquisition with measurable results and grow their practices; LeadSigma has proven to be a highly-effective tool in achieving that goal.

Here’s how it worked out for one of our orthodontic partners: GO Orthodontics, a 5-location, multi-doctor practice with offices throughout Mississippi and Southern Tennessee:

After running advertising campaigns for GO Orthodontics, we saw that their team was having difficulty keeping up with the influx of leads. (This is a good problem to have, at least.) We decided to implement LeadSigma to help reduce the team’s workload and give us accurate, real-time insight into campaign performance. Once LeadSigma was implemented, we saw a 14% scheduling rate – which, under the watchful eye of our client success team, has now increased to 25% and continues to climb. In Q1, the practice saw 254% ROI in new patient starts from online leads!

LeadSigma has been a game-changing tool to close the gap between a “lead” and “start.”

Oversight and Accountability

Automation is an exceptional time saver, but it isn’t a ‘set it and forget it’ situation. You can implement LeadSigma, but what makes it effective is working with someone (like us) who customizes the messaging and keeps your team accountable.

Without proper oversight and accountability, it’s possible for your team to lose track of the process and miss new patient opportunities. It’s essential to have a partner who supports you and helps keep your team on track by speaking with team members weekly, or even daily.

We’ve found that acting as an extension of your team and providing those necessary checks and balances is how we maximize your return on investment!

Automate your patient-follow up process

We’ll help you do it! Our client success specialist will work with your team to train you on the system and start securing more patients.

If you’re interested in modernizing your lead follow-up process and ensuring that every lead is followed up with automatically and immediately, we encourage you to reach out to us!

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