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Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics

In September 2021, Dr. Matsumoto came to us as he was starting his own practice and in need of strategic brand direction, a new website and online presence, and a grand opening campaign.

We created a cohesive online presence from the ground-up, and a new website that was ranking on page 1 of Google with 15 local keywords ranking in the top 3 search results – in less than a year.


Dr. Matsumoto had already chosen his name and logo, but needed some guidance on brand messaging. We spruced up the logo files to ensure they were formatted properly for print and web use and got to work. A key challenge with Dr. Matsumoto’s brand was ensuring that both his orthodontic and periodontal services had proper exposure. Through comprehensive brand discovery exercises, we honed in on Dr. Matsumoto’s audience to develop targeted messaging.


We created brand messaging centered around his selected motto, “Life is full of waves”, as well as content that speaks to his market’s audience and his desired target audience. This branded content was integrated with our template website package.


A cost-effective website solution was best aligned with Dr. Matsumoto’s practice goals. He wanted to get his website ranking on Google and start attracting new patients as soon as possible, and being a newer practice preferred a lower cost-to-entry solution. We started working together about 6 months before their office was set to open, which is ideal when planning a grand opening campaign.


Before the practice website went live, we created an interim splash page to jumpstart local search rankings and integrate citations (business listings) with a functioning website domain.


While the “website coming soon” splash page was live, we customized one of our mobile-first, conversion-focused website templates that brought the practice’s newly-created brand to life.


In January 2022, Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics’ website went live. *Faint cheers in the background.*


As a part of our cost-effective website template package, the website includes quality content optimized for local searches. We completed thorough keyword research to identify relevant keywords and search queries that guided the structure of website content and provide users with the information they’re seeking.


In general, organic SEO efforts can take time to pay off. Google has to crawl the website via automated bots, assessing various factors (including keywords, inbound and outbound links, mobile optimization, etc.), and index the website into the search engine database. With new websites, the age of the domain (website URL) also affects how quickly a website ranks.


We’re proud to say that Dr. Matsumoto’s new website took off almost immediately, performing exceptionally well from the start.


Exceptional ranking performance
In less than a year, Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics went from 0 local ranking keywords to 15 local keywords ranking in the top 3 of Google search results. Some of these keywords were also high-volume keywords, which means there was a significant amount of competition to surpass. That’s a big deal!


Our efforts helped the practice rank on page 1 of Google in under a year.


The website also has 8 organic keywords ranking in the top 10 as well as an additional 19 that have started ranking. Organic keywords take a considerable amount of time to perform, so this is a huge win.


An influx of new patients
Less than a month after the website went live, Dr. Matsumoto was calling to let us know that they’re getting an impressive influx of new patient appointments through the website. Several of their new patients mentioned that the practice’s brand and website looked awesome, which lended credibility to the new practice and encouraged them to schedule their exam.


Our partnership with Matsumoto Orthodontics & Periodontics has been nothing short of fruitful on both ends, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to help them hit the ground running!

Expert digital marketing for start-up orthodontists

At eNox Media, we have a special place in our hearts for start-up practices. It’s challenging for new practices to ensure that not only their physical office is in order, but their digital presence is up to speed before opening their doors. That’s where we come in. Another start-up orthodontist we’ve partnered with, Dr. Jewett at Local Orthodontics in Johnson City, TN, reached out to us for ground-up branding and website design, and we were able to generate the following results from 2020 to 2021:
  • 65% increase in organic appointment requests
  • 136% increase in new users
  • 59% increase in website sessions
  • 275% increase in keywords ranking in the top 10 search results within the 1st year after website launch
  • 50% increase in percentage of keyword ranking across all platforms
  • Ready to see results for yourself? Let’s get started.

    We work with you to pinpoint your needs through a complimentary discovery session, then craft a custom strategy to build a solid brand, create a mobile-first website, and position you as the go-to orthodontist in your area – all at an affordable price.

    Our start-up partners find the most value in our website template options that includes a premade website template with custom elements and built-in search engine optimization. You get to customize various branding elements, such as logo, color and imagery, and we provide content optimized for local searches in your area.

    And of course, if you’d rather start out with a mid-custom or fully-custom website, we’re more than happy to do that instead! You tell us your needs, and we create a strategy to fulfill them.