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Why Your Restaurant Needs SinglePlatform

Your patrons aren't looking for your restaurant. In most cases, they may not even know your name, so how can they find you? They're looking for your ambiance, your theme, your specialties, and most importantly, your food. In other words, your potential patrons are looking for your brand. If it fits ...

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The Truth About SEO

In early December 2012, Paul Boag wrote a controversial article that was published in Smashing Magazine. In his article The Inconvenient Truth About SEO, he claimed that businesses often prioritize optimization and erroneously focus more on the technical tasks than on creating quality website conten...

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The Difference Between Responsive and Mobile Websites

The boss is grumpy and wants to know why the company's web site doesn't work on his smartphone. Then he wants to know why nothing looks right on an iPad. Panicky, you call the designers you know from college and have them build mobile site. Without thinking much, those well-intentioned designers hoo...

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What is Single Platform?

In order to answer the title question, it requires a little explaining. The true answer can be somewhat complicated when it comes to a software program. But, regardless of what the program is, it's more about the benefits it offers -- just like any other product. The simplest way to explain SinglePl...

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What is Responsive Web Design and Why You Need It

In an era of "multiple screens" where people access the Internet through various devices, responsive web design is the X factor that will give your website an edge over its competition. Responsive design is a design concept that allows sites to "respond" to the viewing needs of its audiences. This m...

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