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How to Leverage the StoryBrand Framework for Effective Ortho Marketing

Effective orthodontic marketing is not just about promoting your services online; it’s about telling a story that resonates with your audience and clearly defining why you’re the best orthodontist around.

Integrating the StoryBrand framework within your website content can go a long way in terms of connecting with new patients and securing them as your own. The StoryBrand framework is a valuable tool that helps you do it.

StoryBrand marketing guides you in communicating your mission effectively, showing the authenticity and authority in your brand, and building a meaningful connection with your audience and community.

Here’s everything you need to know about StoryBrand marketing for orthodontists:

What is the StoryBrand framework?

The phrase “StoryBrand” is buzzing in the marketing industry lately, but it’s been around for a while. Donald Miller, an American author, public speaker and business owner, popularized the StoryBrand framework more recently – but it originated from Greek philosopher Aristotle, 2,500 years ago.

The StoryBrand framework leverages storytelling to communicate a brand’s message in a way that resonates with a target customer, or in your case, target patient. The framework features 7 parts intended to guide brand messaging, the website layout and user funnel from the top of the page to the bottom.

7 Parts of StoryBrand (for Orthodontists)

  1. There is a character
  2. who has a problem.
  3. The character meets a guide
  4. who provides a plan/solution to solve the character’s problem…
  5. and calls the character to action
  6. to help them succeed
  7. and avoid failure.

The character, also called the “hero”, is your target patient. Your brand or practice is the hero’s “guide.”

How it applies to you

This framework provides a clear structure for you (or your marketing agency, Hi!) to create effective brand messaging, nail down your value propositions, and guide patients to take the desired action (requesting their consultation) right from your website.

By identifying and addressing your patient’s problems and goals, as well as how your practice solves their problems and helps them reach their goals, you create a brand narrative that highlights your uniqueness, sets you apart from other orthodontists, and connects you with new patients.

Crafting a compelling patient journey

A potential patient comes to you, because he or she wants you to solve their problem. When a potential patient lands on your website, they want to know two things:

  1. You understand their specific problems.
  2. You provide the solutions they need.

Identifying the problems & solutions
With StoryBrand marketing, your website identifies both the problem and solution right off the bat. It takes the patient on a journey, from understanding that you have the solutions to their pain points, to providing evidence of your credibility and your practice’s ability to ensure a satisfactory experience.

For example:

  • Your target patient’s problem: I’m busy with a packed schedule day-to-day, but I still need orthodontic treatment.
  • Your solution: We offer convenient virtual visits to reduce in-office visits, while still providing highly-personalized care. // We offer flexible scheduling with appointments available after-hours or on Saturdays to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Your solutions are your value propositions. Whether you offer virtual care, invisible treatment options and state-of-the-art technology, or your practice is family-owned & run and has 50 years under its belt, the StoryBrand framework helps you highlight these unique values and ensures that you reach the right ears.

Introducing the guide
Your team is here to guide your character/hero/patient to success. It’s important to introduce your orthodontists and/or team, and provide evidence of your credibility. What makes your orthodontist(s) the best in the area?

Featuring your patients’ testimonials, Google reviews and/or before-and-after photos of your transformations serves to prove why you’re the best-suited guide.

Calling new patients to take the desired action
The whole point of marketing your practice is to funnel your prospective patients into requesting their initial exam and converting them to new patients in your exam chairs, right? This part of the StoryBrand framework is where you include a CTA (call-to-action) for your ‘character’ to book their first appointment.

By this point, the user knows that you understand their problems and goals, that you provide the treatments and experience they’re looking for, and that you’re credible enough to be their guide. Now, they’re ready to book their appointment.

Finding your unique value proposition

Aren’t sure what your unique value propositions are? Think about what makes you different from the next orthodontist. Do you offer virtual consultations, virtual check-ins through DentalMonitoring or another service? Do you provide concierge service with an adult-friendly waiting room? Do you offer free teeth whitening after treatment, free retainers for life?

If you can’t pinpoint your unique value propositions, that’s what a highly-experienced orthodontic marketing agency like eNox Media is here! We have a knack for identifying and advising orthodontists on the offerings that make them stand out.

Your practice is special; there’s no one like you! When you’re able to communicate those unique details, you give prospective patients a good reason to choose you.

Let’s develop your unique StoryBrand.

Storytelling and creating engaging narratives around your practice are how you transform your brand to see the greatest return from your marketing efforts. By aligning your orthodontic marketing strategy with these principles, you’re not just promoting orthodontic services – you’re telling a story that resonates and builds lasting connections with your community.

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