How to Create a QR Code to Get More Reviews

For today’s informed consumer, having a steady stream of positive Google Reviews is imperative for growing your orthodontic practice – and it helps your local SEO! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create a QR code with a link for your patients to leave you a new review.

Step 1: Find your Google Business Profile

Search for the location you want to have the reviews link generated for while you are logged into an account that has access to manage the profile. Click on the arrow on the right to show the full screen of options, then select “Ask for Reviews.”

Screenshot of google business profile


Step 2: Copy the Link

Click the two rectangles to copy the link. Remember, each of your locations will have a different Leave a Review link. So, if you have multiple locations be sure to keep track of which link you are copying.

Screenshot showing where to copy the link

Step 3: Create a QR Code on Canva

Go to Canva and create a free account. Click “Create a Design” in the upper right corner. Choose “Instagram Post” (because we just need a square canvas).

Screenshot of canva


Go to “Apps” and type in QR Code. Select the first option.

Screenshot showing how to use canva

Then paste the URL from your Google Business Profile and click “Generate Code”

Screenshot showing how to generate QR code

Step 4: Download the Image & Add to Materials

Resize the code to fill the whole canvas, and then click on “Share” and “Download.” You can now add this PNG file to any documents you design. When the patient scans the code with their phone, they will be directed to the screen to leave a Google review for your location.

Screenshot of how to use canva

Screenshot of how to use canva

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Screenshot showing where to copy the link