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How to choose the best orthodontic marketing agency

In 2023, one thing is inarguable – every business needs a solid digital marketing strategy in order for it to succeed. The market is more competitive than ever, and that means customers/patients have more options than ever.

For your practice to stand out from the rest, your online presence has to stand out from the rest. Your website needs to rank high on the first page of Google search results. Your ads need to reach your target audience. Your brand needs to stay top-of-mind for your community and one step above your competitors.

The problem

Let’s face it. You don’t have the time to create your brand, build your website, monitor your rankings, optimize (and re-optimize) your ads, and take care of your patients. Your patients are your #1 priority.

So how do you manage it all? *Enter, stage right* a reputable orthodontic marketing agency with a proven track record of meeting orthodontists’ needs. We created a comprehensive checklist to help you find the right marketing agency for your practice. (But we recommend eNox Media, of course.)

Here’s your checklist for assessing the quality of an orthodontic marketing agency:

  • Experience: How long has the agency been around?
  • Capabilities: Does the agency offer all of the services you need?
  • Dedication: Are they dedicated to evolving their strategies with the times?
  • Results: Does the agency have evidence to support their claims?
  • Fit: Does it feel like the right fit for you and your team? Do your values align?

Let’s talk about it:

1. Assess the marketing agency’s experience.

The same way your patients were seeking a highly-experienced doctor who specializes in orthodontics, your practice needs a highly-experienced marketing agency that specializes in orthodontics.

You want your marketing agency to operate seamlessly and efficiently, strategically informing your practice on how to navigate your specific market. Orthodontics is a unique industry; strategies that work even for the general dentistry industry won’t necessarily produce the same results in the orthodontic market.

  • Tip: Before deciding on an orthodontic marketing agency, head to their website to read about their experience. How long have they been marketing for orthodontists?
    • eNox Media has been in the game for decades. With more than 20 years of experience in orthodontic marketing, we have a keen edge in navigating the complexities of digital marketing for orthodontists.

2. Assess the agency’s capabilities.

It seems like a no-brainer, but you want to make sure that the agency’s capabilities match your needs. If you’re in need of ground-up branding and digital marketing, you want to know that the agency has experience in brand creation, website creation, targeted advertising, search engine marketing (SEO) and automated lead nurturing.

If you’re only in need of one service for the time being, you want to feel confident that the agency not only excels in that service but offers the subsequent services that support your practice in scaling as you start bringing in more patients.

  • Tip: Verify that the agency is full-service. Ideally, you develop a long-lasting and trusting partnership with your agency, and your marketing strategy continues to evolve alongside your practice’s growth. Your marketing agency should be your one-stop partnership for all things marketing.
    • At eNox Media, we have growth strategies for every practice. From practices that are just starting out, to practices aiming to accelerate growth, and ones that are merging with another practice or transitioning their brand, we have strategies to support your practice as you scale.
    • We also pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our orthodontic partners! We genuinely love people and we’ve been told time and time again that the personal attention we dedicate to our clients is unmatched by other agencies.

3. Assess the agency’s dedication to staying up-to-date.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving with new techniques, technologies, and strategies emerging at a rapid pace. It’s crucial to choose an agency that not only has a wealth of experience but also stays at the forefront of marketing trends.

If your practice isn’t leveraging the newest marketing techniques, you’ll be surpassed by your competitors who are taking advantage of new marketing capabilities. While you and your team focus on providing the best care for your patients, your marketing agency should be researching and implementing the newest strategies to keep your practice ahead of the curve and your website visible above the rest.

You want to ensure that your practice thrives, grows, and continues to meet the demands of the modern orthodontic market – and patterning with a reputable orthodontic marketing agency plays a critical role in that.

  • Tip: Check out the agency’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Are their team members attending conferences or speaking at events? Are they sharing valuable marketing information?
    • At eNox Media, we know that standing still in the dynamic digital environment is akin to falling behind. We pride ourselves on continuous professional development – as a team, but also individually. We’re always looking for the next conference to attend, the next webinar to watch, the next speaking engagement or networking opportunity. As AI (artificial intelligence) continues to advance, we’re right beside it – discovering how we can integrate AI with our internal processes as well as advise our clients on how they can benefit from AI too.

4. Assess the agency’s work.

Assessing a marketing agency’s recent work and results is a pivotal step in finding the right partner for your orthodontic practice.

You need an agency that not only talks the talk – but walks the walk. They should have proof of their ability to deliver tangible and measurable results that align with your vision for growth and success.

Does the marketing agency’s work align with the quality of work you’re looking for? Do they create the type of designs that speak to you? Do they have proven results of campaign success or website performance? A track record of success shows the agency’s likelihood of replicating that success for your practice.

  • Tip: Check out the agency’s portfolio and results on their website to see the results they’ve helped their clients achieve. Case studies and client testimonials will give you the 360 perspective of their track record.

5. Reach out to the agency!

And finally, try reaching out to the agency to get a feel for their communication style, their promptness in reaching out to you, and their ability to solve your marketing problems. Speaking directly to the agency is the best way to ensure that the marketing agency truly understands your vision and can help you achieve your practice’s goals. Ask them about their values, vision, and standards. Not every agency is the right fit for every client, and ideally, your relationship with your agency should be a long-term one.

It goes beyond budget; finding the right fit requires synchronization of values and goals. Ask questions, share your specific goals and concerns, and assess their willingness to tailor their services to meet your needs. A reputable marketing agency should be attentive to your practice’s unique requirements.

  • Tip: If the agency offers a free discovery call, take advantage of this. Take note of how quickly the agency reaches out to you after you submit a request for a discovery call or consultation. Ask the questions that help you determine whether the agency’s team is the right fit for your team.
    • At eNox Media, we proudly offer free discovery calls so you can get to know us before making any commitments. Fill out our contact form and let us know what you’re interested in – a free digital audit, website redesign, SEO, social media strategy or branding. Or maybe you aren’t sure yet, and that’s okay! We’ll help you pinpoint your needs based on your goals.

Take all factors into consideration before choosing the right orthodontic marketing agency.

The decision to partner with a marketing agency is a big one. Don’t sell yourself short, and don’t leave any stone unturned in the decision process.

Your practice deserves an award-winning marketing agency that holds themself to the highest standards in every detail of their work. Hi, that’s us! Tell us where you want your practice to be, and we’ll develop a plan to get you there. Let’s connect.

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