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Nurturing a New Virtual Consultation Patient

COVID-19 has paved a health care path that nearly all orthodontists had their eye on - virtual consultations. We are witnessing a dynamic shift in the way we attract new patients and provide information. With this shift in the industry, it is imperative to remember the importance of ‘virtual care...

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Free Downloadable Guide for Orthodontists: 5 Ways to Connect with Existing Patients During a Crisis

When any widespread crisis ensues, such as the recent situation of COVID-19, it’s inevitable that the economy is in some way affected. This means consumers, such as your current and future patients, must change their behaviors to suit new circumstances. In order to remain relevant and competitive,...

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Communicating with Patients during COVID-19

If you’re a part of a business anywhere in the world right now, chances are high that you’re feeling the economic effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. The spread of coronavirus is forcing organizations across the world to adapt—and quickly.While the doors of your practice may be temporarily close...

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